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Founded in 1997, Advanced International Freight has grown into a leading provider of global supply chain and logistics solutions by way of air, ocean, warehousing, and ancillary industry practices and solutions. Our continued growth in the fast-paced environment is a testament to our day-one commitment in providing a unique, quality, boutique-like service level while always continuing to challenge the norms of conventional logistics providers.

Just like the quality global network and strategic partnerships we have built and maintained throughout the years, we strive to be more than a solution provider; we extend our hands to become a full-fledged logistics partner to all our customers. By integrating unique solutions and opportunities, we find it imperative now, more than ever to grow together in unison with our customers.

CNS Member
CTPAT Certified

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As a full service and licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and freight forwarder, Advanced International Freight leverages trusted partnerships with the world's biggest ocean freight carriers and alliances to ship cargo globally.
As a proud, partnered member of CNS (an IATA Company) and as a TSA-approved company, Advanced International Freight is able to accommodate and handle all kinds of air cargo offering a flexible, yet reliable range of options based on budget, delivery times, and procedures.
Capable of transporting your goods anywhere within the US, Canada, and Mexico, Advanced International Freight will supplement your business requirements with the perfect solution to meet your time sensitive or cost-saving needs.
Through our dedicated warehousing partnership with Advanced Warehouse, we're able to provide a unified and streamlined set of solutions for your ecommerce, fulfillment, 3pl, inventory management, and other warehousing and logistics needs.
As a full-fledged logistics services and solutions provider, Advanced International Freight can help integrate unique opportunities and customizable solutions as an extension of your unique business model and logistics needs.
Ready to take advantage of having a dedicated partner to handle your logistics needs? You can reach us via email anytime or give us a call between 9AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday and we can help you get started.